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public lavatories situated at Page Road (off High St) and also at Page Park (Broad St) which are regularly cleaned and kept to a very high standard, both facilities cater for disabled users.

Public Payphones

Staple Hill has public pay phones situated at Page Road (off High St) and also Broad Street.

Police Community Support Officers

Sheryl and Kay are regular faces to everyone at Staple Hill, and hold their very own Beat Surgery at the Pioneer (co-op) store on the first Wednesday of each month. If anyone has any problems or questions they endeavour to help where they can, and as a direct result of their presence at Staple Hill criminals appear to go elsewhere! Making our shopping centre one of the safest around.

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Making your shopping trip safer and Staple Hill shopping centre virtually crimes free! As any shopping mall or high street shopping area will tell you there is always an element of crime that is attached with the retail business, thankfully since the introduction of two way radios this is not a problem at Staple Hill.
Shopwatch is run from a central control centre and with the use of two way radios shopkeepers are informed of any undesirables that intend to carry out any type of criminal activity in our shopping centre.
Staple Hill Chamber of Trade has recently donated a two way radio to the local police beat officer, and as a result of quick responses from traders and the police, crime is at an all time low

We support the following groups

Safer Stronger Community Groups (SSCGs) in South Gloucestershire are about listening and responding to local people's issues. If you have a community safety issue affecting your area and would like to raise it in a public forum, please attend the next meeting.

The Chase Area Forum is a meeting where the puiblic can raise any issues directly with local councillors. Meetings are held three times a year. If you have any issues affecing the place where you live, please attend the next meeting.

Staple Hill Regeneration Partnership is working together to build a brighter community with local residents and businesses in and around Staple Hill, uniting and supporting each other. If you would like to help support the work of the regeneration partnership, please attend the next meeting.

Our Place is a community flat in Staple Hill. It supports local residents who in-turn, support local businesses. If you would like to find out more about Our Place or support the work it does, please attend teh next meeting.

Christmas on the Hill committee meets regularly throughout the year and works with local people to organise the annual Christmas on teh Hill event in Staple Hill. It brings thousands of peole to the high street every year. To help with the organising of this event, please attend the next meeting.


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Looking forward to your visit!

Highstreet shopping on your doorstep

Staple Hill is situated in East Bristol and is easy to reach from all of the surrounding areas. We are close to the M4, M5 and M32 motorways and just off the Avon ring road. Staple Hill also offers excellent public transport services being served by many bus routes from all the surrounding areas.

With free parking it could not be easier to have an enjoyable shopping experience with Bristol's premier local retailers.

Quality and Value for money is what you can expect to find when you shop at Staple Hill with so many local and nationwide outlets in one prime location.

Pay us a visit and you will see why customers return time and time again.




Plenty of on and off street parking available.
100's of stores to shop at. You can find almost anything at Staple Hill.
Staple hill is in easy reach with plenty of bus routes and easy highway access..
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